The Billy Madison show is made up of Derek, Nard and ringmaster Billy who leads the whole troop.  The guys constantly rip on each other.  One of Billy’s favorite bits is busting “Deadbeat Dads” on the air after luring them on the phone under the guise of winning a prize.  The ex-wife, girlfriend, or (simply the mother of the child) is on the call as well and once Billy asks, “Why don’t you pay your child support?” the mother confronts the “Dead Beat Dad” and then it gets real.


Billy Madison is a big giant dork. He also goes by the name the the big eared bitch due to the size of ears. He has daddy issues and loves Star Wars and Harry Potter. He is a terrible actor and even worse painter. God only knows how his show became successful.

Derek is the father of one daughter and daddy to one girlfriend. When he's not being a dad he's usually high or betting money he doesn't have on sports he doesn't know.


Nard got on the show when Billy helped him find a girlfriend.  Nard did not keep the girl, but did get a job on the Billy Madison Show because of his “wit.”  Nard’s real name is Nathan and he has won over 50 Gold Medals in The Special Olympics and supports causes that help special needs individuals.