Byte Me Ep 46: Extra Life is Coming, Assassin’s Creed is Going to Make You Smarter and New PSVR

Dylans back and ready to talk video games after a week in California!

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Once you’ve done that, listen to the episode for fundraising tips, plans for the actual day and more! We also want your feedback, so tell us what you’d like to play with us!

Now that that’s out of the way, we talked about the new Assassin’s Creed: Origins Education Mode where you can learn about Egypt in a combat-free environment, how the PSVR is getting a couple of minor upgrades, we wonder if anybody really cares about the SNES Classic and chat about the Overwatch Halloween update!

This week’s questions were also top notch (find out what we are doing when we aren’t playing games!) and get a ton of great games for cheap this week!

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About Cliff Johnson

Cliff is the digital guy at Rock 98.9, keeping the website and online streams up and running. He's an avid gamer, loves soccer and hanging out with his wife and son. He tweets about video games at @bytemepodcast and makes videos of them on YouTube.

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