Byte Me Podcast Episode 21: Hey, Our Podcast Can Drink Now!

It’s Episode 21, so I guess that means our podcast can legally drink now? Maybe that’s now how it works. Anyway, this week we talked about a lot of great games that we are currently playing, Cliff lost badly in a Rocket League tournament and we dug in deep into the specs of the Xbox Scorpio (and tried to convince Adam that he really, really needs one.) Destiny 2 is coming out (and it’s going to be on the PC this time around), we answered questions from Vinnie and told you how to get Inside for $12!

About Cliff Johnson

Cliff is the digital guy at Rock 98.9, keeping the website and online streams up and running. He's an avid gamer, loves soccer and hanging out with his wife and son. He tweets about video games at @bytemepodcast and makes videos of them on YouTube.

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