Byte My Podcast Episode 26: Half-year-i-versary

Hey, we managed to make it for a full half year! Thanks to everyone that turns in every week to listen, we love to hear about how much you love the show and it’s awesome to chat with you on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube!

This week none of us played a ton of games (but the ones we did play were awesome!) We did answer a bunch of listener questions, talked about Minecraft for Switch, had a rousing discussion about how IGN rated Prey, tried to figure out if there is a good way to make a mobile Zelda game and discussed Rime pricing on the Switch (and how much we like foxes.)

We also talked about how many cheap games there are out this week (it’s actually kinda incredible) and then spent a bit of time complaining about Nintendo in Troll corner.

About Cliff Johnson

Cliff is the digital guy at Rock 98.9, keeping the website and online streams up and running. He's an avid gamer, loves soccer and hanging out with his wife and son. He tweets about video games at @bytemepodcast and makes videos of them on YouTube.

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