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Join Dave Numme, Rock 98.9’s Program Director and Captain for Rock 98.9’s Big Climb Seattle team as he helps you to go from couch to climb in just six weeks!

Pursuit: February 13 – February 19

Day 1: Easy Day Run 30 minutes at an easy pace.  Okay to take walking breaks every 8 minutes.  Try to run 15 minutes without stopping.  If you don’t need to rest at all, increase the pace.  Finish with Tabata Air Squats.  Tabata is 8 rounds of 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest. Total time = 4:00 minutes.  Set a pace you can sustain for all 8 rounds.  This will tax your legs with lactic acid and your heart rate.  There are plenty of free tabata timing apps you can download.

Day 2:  Moderate Day Stair Climbing.  Climb for 1:00 minute taking two stairs at a time.  Use the handrails technique to help you. Start to employ these skills in your climb training.  Rest at top for :30 seconds then descend to the bottom.  Try different descend techniques such as walking sideways down or zig zagging.  Walking down the stairs will make you sore; it will tax your calfs.  Go for 8-10 rounds.

Day 3:    Active Recovery Day.  Walk/Jog for 30 minutes easy.  Finish with 3 rounds of: (10 walking lunges 5/L/5R and 10 Air Squats) Complete one set of lunges, then one set of squats and repeat the sequence 3 times.

Day 4:    Hard Day Stair Running.  Practice stair running for 30-second intervals with 1 minute of rest between each interval.  Goal of 10-12 intervals; practice using the rails to pull yourself forward.  You can use both rails if the stairway is narrow enough or the “rope technique” if you can only reach one of the rails.  Work to get your heart rate up to and “8” perceived effort.  You should be getting sweaty and breathing hard.

Day 5: Moderate Day Walk rolling hills for 30-40 minutes in your neighborhood or in a convenient location with sidewalks or low traffic.  Pace yourself to get your heart rate going and get used to experiencing what it’s like to feel uncomfortable.  Target a 6 or 7 perceived rate of exertion.  Rest as needed.  The idea here is to get some time on your feet breathing hard.

Day 6:  Easy Rest Day stand at work when you can, drink a lot of water; take a nap; eat something good for you (like always).

Day 7:    Hard Day;  Warm up with a brisk 15-minute walk then practice stair running as you feel for 15-18 minutes.  Finish with Tabata Air Squats 8 rounds of 20 seconds on and 10 seconds off.

Performance: February 13 – February 19

Day 1:    Hill Repeats: Warm up on your own; A) double step walking hill repeats 8 x (1:00 minutes of climbing/walk down alternating your descend with knees out/zig zag walking to minimize impact: rest 1:00 minute then repeat)  Tip: practice using the hand rails to learn this skill for climbing the Columbia Tower.  If no hand rails are available, pump your arms for momentum.  B) 4 x 10 (DB Walking Lunges (5L/5R); Jumping  DB Burpees)

Day 2:    Run for 30 minutes;  A) warm up for 10 minutes; B) run at 65%-70% for 10 minutes; C) walk for 1 minute; D) run for 5 minutes at 85%; E) walk for 1 minute; F) run at 90-95% for 3 minutes.  Cool Down

Day 3:    Strength:  A): Back-Squat 6 x 5 at 70% of 1RM; B) then, (3 rounds of): 20 Box Jump Step Downs; 10 DB Front Squats at a moderate weight

Day 4:    Active Recovery – Mobility – Easy run for 30 minutes

Day 5:     Day 2    Stair Climb Repeats:  Warm up on your own; 10-12 Climb Repeats: 1 Min at 70%; rest :30 at top; easy descend; rest for 1 minute and repeat.  Increase intensity to 85% as you feel.   Practice hand rail technique.

Day 6:    Cardio:  Hill Repeats 5-7 x (2:00 hill repeat @ 80%) easy jog down; rest 2:00.  Tips:  Keep your chest up; think “pull” with your knees and use your arms for momentum. Two minutes can feel like a long time; dig in; pace.

Day 7:    OFF

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