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Kim Monroe’s Music Minute July 31st

When Kid Rock first starting teasing fans and foes about a possible senate run, there was some skepticism  about whether the rocker was serious.  Turns out Rock was partly serious.  He launched his kidrockforsenate.com site and began selling merchandise which he intends to use to in getting fans to register to vote, but stopped short of saying whether or not he will actually run.  He said “one thing is for sure though, The Democrats are shattin’ in their pantaloons’ right now…and rightfully so!”

During Guns N Roses “Not In this Lifetime” tour the band has been all about making peace with their past and that includes a return to St. Louis.  Back in 1991, the city was the site of one of the band’s most infamous  incidents in which the show ended in a riot resulting in the arrest of Axl Rose.  The band returned last week and although they didn’t really make mention of their last show there, Rose did say it was nice to be back.

Weezer released a new music video and paid tribute to one of their rock heroes at the same time.  The band performed “Feels Like Summer” and got all glammed up to deliver an homage to Guns N Roses.  Rivers Cuomo sported his best Axl Rose duds, while Brian Bell wore a Slash style top hat and Scott Shriner wore Duff-like aviators.  The video mimics the GNR classic “Paradise City.”

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