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Kim Monroe’s Music Minute July 6th

Sharon Osbourne gets the last word on KISS bassist/vocalist, Gene Simmons, attempt at trademarking “the devil horns.”  Osbourne, one of the hosts on “The Talk”  said he’s crazy and is just trying to cash in on merch that displays the famous hand gesture.  She went on to say that the sign is Italian and has been around for hundreds of years, not to mention that kids have been using the gesture since the 60’s, not 1974 as Simmons claimed in his original application.

When he’s not touring with Tool or A Perfect Circle, or running his vineyard or writing a memoir, you’d never guess but apparently Maynard James Keenan is a troll!  He had previously trolled Korn’s Head and Frances Bean Cobain, but his favorite was the organizers of the 90’s all girl, Lilith Fair.  Keenan said he asked his booking agent to request an offer to play from Tool, but they declined, the singer was hoping for an official rejection letter to frame which he never got.

Since the success of their Trooper ale, limited-edition Trooper 666 and Red N’Black porter, Iron Maiden are set to release another new beer.  This time a Belgian styled beer called “Hallowed.”  Bruce Dickinson worked with one of the brewmasters at Robinsons to create “Hallowed” and it will be available in October for only 4 months.  Where you will be able to find it will be available on both Iron Maiden’s and Robinson’s Facebook pages.


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