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Kim Monroe’s Music Minute July 8th and 9th

Josh Homme and Ariana Grande have something in common that neither would wish for any other artist…they have both experienced a terrorist attack first hand.  As Queens of the Stone Age prepare for a new album and tour, Homme said he will never let a terrorist stop him from following his passion for music.  Josh was performing with his other band, Eagles Of Death Metal at the Bataclan in Paris where 130 people died.

For the “heaviest” song on the new album according to Dave Grohl, the Foo’s recruited a guest vocalist…Shawn Stockman of Boyz II Men.  Dave described it as a mix between Black Sabbath and Pink Floyd with Stockman singing as part of a choir.

Randy Rhodes, who performed with Ozzy Osbourne on his first two solo albums, was one of metals most influential guitarists.  Sadly Rhodes died tragically in 1982, but the school where he learned how to play guitar is home to a Randy Rhodes museum.  Musonia Music School, founded by Randy’s mother and continue to be run by his brother is in need of funds for some restorations work.  A kickstarter campaign is already on line and accepting donations.

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Born in Northeast Ohio, traveled to Charlotte, NC, Seattle, Cleveland and finally back to Seattle. This is, by far, my favorite city in the US, not to mention the best people! I am a happy mother of two great kids and lots of animals! In my rare downtime, I enjoy reading and watching true crime shows, plus American Horror Story every season!

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