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Kim Monroe’s Music Minute March 16th

As the Guns N Roses machine hums along, former replacement bassist, Tommy Stinson, weighs in on the classic line up reunion.  Stinson says he wasn’t surprised that the guys got back together, saying it was the right thing to do.  The bassist has been staying in contact with the band and says he is really happy for them.

Recently, Sammy Hagar was once again asked the question about a Van Halen reunion.  The red-rocker who is currently working with one of his other projects, Chickenfoot, said he remains open to the possibility of a reunion.  However, Hagar said he would only do it for the fans and it would have to include David Lee Roth and Michael Anthony, he’s not interested in reuniting for money.

Fans of The Matrix trilogy, are you ready for a re-boot?  Apparently, it’s already in the works and just a few details have come out.  The series original creators are not currently involved, and no details on the cast yet.  However, Keanu Reeves said he would be more than happy to reprise his role as Neo.


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