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Kim Monroe’s Music Minute March 20th

If you are one of those people that likes to record a concert on your phone, beware!  Several artists, including Guns N Roses, require fans to put their phones in a locked pouch for the show, but this going beyond the annoyance.  Technically, record a band’s performance is illegal.  What used to be referred to as “bootlegging” is against the law unless you have the permission of the artist.

Korn and Stone Sour recently announced that they will be pairing up for a summer tour.  “The Serenity of Summer” tour begins in June in Utah and winds down in August in Cleveland, Ohio.  Also joining the bands are Babymetal, Yelawolf, and Skillet.  Stone Sour will have a new album out in June called “Hydrograd.”  There is no date for Seattle at this time.

Proving that Rock and Roll is in the blood, Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinsons’ son Austin leads a metal band out of the UK called “As Lions.”  The band released their second album “Selfish Age” in January and just put out a video for their song “One By One.”


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Born in Northeast Ohio, traveled to Charlotte, NC, Seattle, Cleveland and finally back to Seattle. This is, by far, my favorite city in the US, not to mention the best people! I am a happy mother of two great kids and lots of animals! In my rare downtime, I enjoy reading and watching true crime shows, plus American Horror Story every season!

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