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Kim Monroe’s Music Minute May 16th

Metallica’s James Hetfield discussed the Grammy snafu recently.  Hetfield said that it started with the lack of introduction and then the mic not working, he said he felt embarrassed and then really angry.  He also said that while they enjoyed doing the song with Lady Gaga, he doesn’t have any plans to work with her or any pop singers in the future.  He went on to say that working with her was cool because she likes to push boundaries like they do.

Over the weekend, AC/DC singer Brian Johnson made a return to the stage.  During a Paul Rodgers performance in England over the weekend, Johnson and Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant both appeared on stage to perform Barrett Strong’s “Money (That’s What I Want).”

As U2 kicked off their North American tour for the Joshua Tree anniversary, they had a surprise guest vocalist.  As the band did “Mother’s of the Disappeared” Bono called out asking where Eddie Vedder was and conveniently Vedder was just back stage and joined the band.  Opening act, Mumford and Sons also came back out on stage for the song.


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