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Kim Monroe’s Music Minute November 10th

Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich spoke out on the growing number of sexual assault claims that are plaguing the entertainment industry.  As the scandal affecting Hollywood continues to grow, Ulrich feels this is a watershed moment for the way society treats the victims.  He also seemed to indicate that this same behavior is present in the record industry, and that we are just in the “first inning” of this scandal.

As fans continue to wait for a new Tool album, the band’s guitarist Adam Jones leaked a sampling of a fan favorite that’s being re-worked.  “Opiate” is getting a bit of a make-over that is clocking the song in as five minutes longer than the original and Jones was nice enough to share a bit of it via his Instagram account.  As for the new album…we are still waiting.

A few months ago, 30 Seconds To Mars announced that they would be releasing their own documentary, “A Day In The Life Of America,” however there is still no release date.  The band has completed a new album and released a music video for the song “Walk On Water,” and since singer Jared Leto’s other job as an actor only has one film in post, it would appear that 2018 will see a big return for 30 Seconds To Mars.


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