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Kim Monroe’s Music Minute October 11th

Now that the nominations for induction to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame have been announced, the speculations as to who will actually be inducted this year have begun.  In the case of Bon Jovi, fans are wondering if Richie Sambora would join his former band on stage if they are inducted.  A reporter for TMZ recently caught up to the guitarist who indicated that yes, he would join them if they are inducted this year.

You’ve heard of Funko Pop figures, but have you heard of the Lego Ideas project?  Lego has invited fans to submit ideas and the Ramones are the current subject!  If there are enough fan votes, Lego will release a 450 piece set that includes Joey, Johnny, Dee Dee and Tommy or Marky Ramone.  The sets creator says it is an homage to one of the most influential bands in punk rock history.

While all with Guns N Roses has been quite peaceful during the course of their “Not In This Lifetime” tour, Axl Rose returned to Twitter after a 5 month hiatus.  But, it wasn’t band related.  Rose, an Indiana native, had something to say about the Vice President’s attendance over the weekend at a Colts game.  The tweet, “Thanks WH 4 the $200K Colts game PR stunt.”


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