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Kim Monroe’s Music Minute October 7th and 8th

“Carpool Karaoke” is a very popular segment on The Late Late Show with James Gordon, but it turns out that filming those segments aren’t as much fun as they appear.  Recently, Foo Fighters did a segment and according to drummer Pat Smear things got less fun after spending three hours in the car.  Head Foo, Dave Grohl also chimed in saying that it did become a little uncomfortable.

The reunion tour that no one thought would ever happen turns out to be one of the highest grossing global tours.  Since April of 2016, Guns N Roses “Not In This Lifetime” tour has raked in more than $300-million and the tour isn’t even over yet.  That number is expected to go way higher following their upcoming shows in New Jersey and New York’s Madison Square Garden.

Black Sabbath have finally set a release date for their farewell concert film.  The band officially ended their touring days earlier this year and have created a special concert film which has already played in theaters, simply called “The End.”  Fans can purchase it in a variety of forms on November 17th and you can also see it on Showtime,Saturday October 28th at 9pm.

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Born in Northeast Ohio, traveled to Charlotte, NC, Seattle, Cleveland and finally back to Seattle. This is, by far, my favorite city in the US, not to mention the best people! I am a happy mother of two great kids and lots of animals! In my rare downtime, I enjoy reading and watching true crime shows, plus American Horror Story every season!

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