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Kim Monroe - Middays from 10 - 2


Kim Monroe (“Mon” like you’re from Jamaica and “roe” like a boat.) But you know that, just like you know all the lyrics to Stairway To Heaven. Kim’s not new to the PNW. She spent the golden age of grunge here on Seattle radio introducing you to bands like  Linkin Park, Korn and Kid Rock. Welcome this Rock chick back by listening 10a-2p. She’ll remind you that you listen to the radio for badass music. She’ll cheer for the Hawks when they’re not playing her hometown, Cleveland.  And she’ll do it all while rocking lust-worthy shoes and some kitten eared headphones.

Jeetz - Afternoons from 2 - 7


This is Jeetz. He’s a soulless ginger. He makes radio. Tacoma born and raised, Jeetz has been rocking the PNW the majority of his life. When not behind a mic, Jeetz is the self-proclaimed “King of Happy Hour.” His three favorite inventions are beer, nachos, and chicken wings. This ginger is also a diehard Seattle sports fan and screams at his TV often. Nothing about Jeetz is Thug-Life, but he is 100% Pug-Life. He likes pugs. He has two. Their names are Frank The Dog and Black Jack. Jeetz likes ROCK music. Jeetz plays ROCK music every week day from 2-7pm on The New Rock 98.9. If you’ve read this far, you and Jeetz are now best friends.

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