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Rock 98.9 Night Guy Ryder is Climbing Too!

The other day I came into the radio station completely oblivious that I would agree to take on The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Big Climb 31, March 26th. When I first heard the idea, my throat dropped into my stomach. Crazy thoughts began to fill my head. “There’s no way I’ll ever be able to climb 69 floors in just six weeks from now.”  But like most things in life I said, “screw it, why not?” So here I am.

My name is Ryder, I do nights for Rock 98.9 and this is my story in real time. I cannot help but obsess on the number of stairs I’ll need to climb to reach my goal.  On the other hand, the number of times I will have to stop to catch my breath to finish. All of this will be worth it because I’ll be helping someone else and getting healthier at the same time.  For me this is personal. My mother battled cervical and breast cancer and I just remember feeling helpless. I was a kid who could do nothing to help.  But, I do remember the outpouring of support from my community. I want to give that same support back to the people who need it now. What better way than 69 floors, 1,311 steps to raise money for such a horrible disease? So do what you can, join Team Rock 98.9 or donate now!

How I plan to get ready!

I have cut out soda and worked in a lot more water! It’s weird how much water can fix. Upset stomach? Drink water. Feeling sluggish? Drink more water. Have a crazy gf? Drown her. All joking aside it seriously feels like I’ve pounded four Five Hour Energies and it’s all just from switching to good ol’ H20. I’ve slowly begun to adjust my diet as well, cutting out all fast food and sticking to at home meals. I got myself a Fit Bit and I’m ready to tackle this goal! I’ve started by cutting out the elevator at work, it’s been all stairs! I may sound excited but I’m actually screaming in agony and this building Is only five floors…only 64 more to go. Thankfully, it’s still day one.

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