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Kim Monroe’s Music Minute October 10th

After more than a year since they posted for an open audition, it would appear that Stone Temple Pilots have found their guy!  While no official announcement has been made, Dean and Robert DeLeo have been doing interviews to promote the 25th anniversary of their debut album “Core,” and the guys have been dropping hints about new music coming.

If you went to see Scorpions last week in Tacoma, consider yourself very lucky!  The band have had to cancel their remaining dates in North America due to singer Klaus Meine being diagnosed with severe laryngitis.  Scorpions are very disappointed in having to cancel, but Meine was advised by a throat specialist to rest his voice or risk permanent vocal damage.

Over the weekend, the Florida Gators played Louisiana State University.  The Gators, a college team from Gainesville, paid tribute to their hometown hero, Tom Petty.  According to Florida’s Athletic Director, they wanted to celebrate what he meant in the world of music and what he meant to his community.  They already sing “We Are The Boys” and then went into “I Won’t Back Down” as the entire stadium joined in the singing.

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